There are countless packers and movers, but very few companies whose focus is to get you truly settled in to your home.

We start with a review of your space. This includes a consultation with your personal Maven to go over your needs in order to develop your personal space organization plan. We encourage our clients to take pictures of their current homes, so that we can determine how best to set up their new home.

In addition, we declutter and organize existing spaces, from setting up filing systems in home offices to establishing order and functionality in closets and kitchens. Whether it is a total move-in, or simply a need for organization, Move-In Maven provides services to fit the unique requirements of each client.

We know that some clients like to be totally hands-off, and give us free rein to decide how best to set up their spaces. However, some take a more hands-on approach and have definite ideas about what works for them and how they want their space organized. Move-In Maven works within the parameters that will make our clients most comfortable.

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