About Us

At Move-In Maven we are connoisseurs of organization and storage and experts in space design. We love the challenge of taking a room full of boxes and turning it into a space that is not only attractive but that also supports your lifestyle. Our Head Maven, Meghan Westcott, realized the need for her passion for space design when a friend moved into a new apartment and had barely begun to unpack after a week. She offered to help him unpack, and joked about how she should be a professional unpacker. That’s when it hit her. She loved to do something that many people either dread or don’t have time to do. And so, Move-In Maven was born. We are based out of Houston, and we serve the greater Houston area as well as surrounding communities. You can call us at (832) 499-9190 or you can email us at info@move-inmaven.com.

(832) 499-9190 • info@move-inmaven.com